‘CORDILLERA SARMIENTO EXPEDITION’–A first hand account of a mountaineering expedition to a rarely visited part of the world by Jack Miller–International Mountaineer, Adventurer, Gentleman & Hastings Mesa Major domo…–

Rains, this black night, hammer the tent like buckshot poured out of a pail, even drowning out the gale force of the wind overhead and the bashing of waves on the headland. I lay sleepless in my tent, here in the Cordillera Sarmiento, a remote mountain range in that wedge of southern Chile that pierces the Antarctic Ocean.

This hostile outer rim of South America has been called the “uttermost part of the earth.” Geographically, it lies within “Patagonia” but, weather-wise, its a region all its own. Mariners classify these latitudes as “the Furious Fifties,” and consider the harsh weather in this archipelago as the worst in the world. It is rarely approached by explorers or climbers–or by anybody.


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