Taoist Painting


Clearing Autumn Skies by Kuo Hsi

A main feature of Taoism is it’s profound naturalism.  Nature should not be exploited and abused.  It should be befriended, not conquered.  The belief in nature deeply affected Taoist art, beginning with its architecture.  Taoist temples do not stand out from the landscape.  They are nestled against the hills, back under the trees, blending in with the environment.  they teach that human beings, too, are at their best when they are in harmony with their surroudings.  It is no accident that the greatest periods of Chinese art have coincided with the upsurges of Taoist influence.  Before reaching for their brushes, painters would go to nature and lose themselves in it, to become, say, the bamboo that they would paint.  They would sit for half a day or fourteen years before putting a brush stroke on rice paper.

20080303-bamboo906 Zhu Wei

Bamboo by Zhu Wei

I drank from many different bottles of pisco over 40 years before I painted my first pisco still life.  


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