perro viejo reuniendo ~ una celebración feliz


                           Billy Roos, Barb Wheeler, Wally Berg


Matt Wells  

IMG_2856Don Frank Coffey, Don Rōbert, Mike Friedman, Mark Udall

photo 5   Don Mateo Wells, Wally Berg, Denny Hogan, Andy Wilson ~ Barb Wheeler, Rōbert, Billy Roos, Frank Coffey                                            


Billy Roos & Janet Miller


feliz cumpleaños ~ Mark Udall and Denny Hogan

Old dogs from a long time ago rendezvous for ~a tribal gathering~ at Desperado Estates over the weekend.. A few of the attendees hadn’t seen one another in several decades.

3 thoughts on “perro viejo reuniendo ~ una celebración feliz

  1. Looks like fun. I thought I caught a whiff of bullshit in the air. Is Barb still here? How you bean? Randini

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