Jon Stewart Leveraged a Stunning Critique of Trump and the Media Right in Stephen Colbert’s seat.​

JUL 22, 2016

While Jon Stewart’s voice, humor, and fearlessness have been missed in the political comedy landscape over the past year, what we’ve really been missing is a watchdog watching the watchdogs. A loud, squinting kidney has ascended the Republican throne, and experts would argue that this has been, in part, thanks to the billions of dollars of free coverage he’s been given by the media. In his time at The Daily Show, Stewart was relentless in his skewering of the media for its ineptitude.

“I think it’s sad that that voice is missing,” comedian Anthony Atamanuik told us a few months ago of Stewart. “He would have spoken to the complacency of the media. Where he lives best is where the media is basically propping up Donald Trump. He would have had Trump on and just eviscerated him.”

So, it’s been a rough year—really rough if you watched Trump’s hour-long DoomFest last night. And besides a few brief public appearances—including on The Late Show on Monday—Stewart has been missing.

Last night he returned to do what he does best.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.10.52 PM.png

~~~  WATCH  ~~~

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