~ Ellen Hunter for Ouray County Commissioner ~

The last time we connected about Ellen Hunter and her candidacy for County Commissioner, it was about the issues she wanted to emphasize: Attainable housing, High Alpine regs, Child care, County Roads, and Broadband.

These are all big issues, and as an example, I want to draw attention to one of them as a difference-maker.

It often matters who casts the vote as your County Commissioner. When the BOCC recently decided to establish a six-month moratorium on development in the High Country and on mining claims to propose regs, Don Batchelder was the lone ‘no’ vote. Ouray County was a sacrifice county being subjected to building applications in inappropriate areas for inappropriate sizes.

Commissioners Ben Tisdel and Lynn Padgett knew that we needed regs comparable to our neighboring counties, San Juan and San Miguel, and we needed them soon. Commissioner Batchelder voted no.

Fortunately, the Planning Commission has deliberated, had a Public Hearing, and passed on recommendations to the BOCC.
I can remember 10 years ago when the XPUD was proposed — it would have doubled the development density in the county and gutted the Land Use Code. Don Batchelder took no leadership on an obviously bad proposal, and it took 3- 400 people showing up at the public hearing to have the BOCC remove it from consideration.

We need a County Commissioner who will look out for Ouray County. We need to elect Ellen Hunter for County Commissioner. I encourage you to send donations to: Ellen Hunter for County Commissioner, P O Box 91, Ridgway, CO 81432.

email: ellenhuntercountycommissioner@gmail.com

Sincerely yours,

John Hollrah

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