Keep OURay Alpine Wild – Final BOCC Hearing

Dear Keep OURay Alpine Wild Supporter,

Your attendance is important! Tomorrow, Monday, October 17 at 1:30 the Ouray Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will make their final decision for building regulations on patented mining claims in the high alpine zone. The BOCC hearing will be held in the 4H Center in Ridgway. No public comments will be heard.

We’re hopeful that the high alpine zone will finally be protected. The draft building code includes the 35 acre parcel size the Ouray community asked be the minimum. A strong show of support at this BOCC meeting is important to show the commissioners that the community supports their efforts.

You can read the proposed building regulations here: You’ll see two versions at the bottom of the list for the Section 24 revision: one that includes the 35 acre minimum and one that does not. It is our understanding that they will be voting on the version that includes the 35 acre minimum. And if we pack the room we can make sure that the 35 acre version is the one that they adopt.


WHEN: October 17, 1:30PM
WHERE: 4H Center, Ridgway, CO

Hope to see you at the BOCC meeting tomorrow.


Roze Evans for Keep OURay Alpine Wild

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