Keep OURay Alpine Wild passed 3-0!!!

Greetings Keep OURay Alpine Wild Supporters,

It is with great pleasure to announce that late yesterday afternoon the BOCC voted 3 – 0 to enact the High Alpine Development Regulations. These regulations will only allow one dwelling structure to be built on patented mining claims or patented mill sites totaling 35 acres or more at or above 9,480 feet. And the maximum square footage for a dwelling structure is 700 square feet, which may be increased to a maximum of 2,500 square feet when certain criteria are met. The new regulations also include a prohibition on building non-mining structures in the tundra ecosystem.

Many Ouray citizens, over many months, played a significant role in helping get these regulations passed. A big thank you to all who helped out with this effort. Thank you to the 600+ who supported this campaign by signing the Citizen’s Letter and the Declaration of Support. Thank you to those who attended the Planning Commission and BOCC alpine meetings over the past 6 months. Thanks to the “Keep OURay Alpine Wild” leadership team for the countless hours they spent on this campaign. An especially BIG thanks to all who testified at the BOCC hearing in Ouray. It was your testimony that assured the 35 acre minimum, 700 maximum square footage and the prohibition on non-mining structures in the tundra ecosystem.

You’re invited to a celebration of the protection of Ouray County’s high alpine zone. Hope to see you there.

Celebration of the Protection of Ouray’s High Alpine Zone

WHEN: Thursday, October 27
TIME: 6:30
WHERE: Ridgway Town Hall

Thank you again for all your efforts to help pass these High Alpine Development Regulations.


Roze Evans for Keep OURay Alpine Wild

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