Someone Took a Sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s Walk of Shame Star This Morning


OCT 26, 2016 ~ ESQUIRE

Because he is an Everyday American who will fight against know-it-all coastal elites, Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This star has been the site of various protests since he launched what has become the most divisive presidential campaign in generations. At one point, someone drew a reverse swastika over it, and an artist built a mini border wall around his square on the sidewalk.


But early this morning, someone decided artsy gestures weren’t enough. So they went after Trump’s star with a sledgehammer.

According to, a man in a construction worker outfit went by the spot on Hollywood Boulevard around 5:45 a.m. and gave the “terrazzo and brass” mini-mural the business. Incredibly, the perpetrator, Jamie Otis, was more than happy to discuss his deeds with Deadline, saying he originally intended to remove the star and auction it off, with the intent of giving the proceeds to the women accusing the Republican nominee of sexual assault. When his removal effort failed, Otis just smashed the thing to pieces instead.


Earlier this month, Time magazine interviewed a photographer who has been documenting people’s reactions to the star. The photographer’s images included ones showing the symbol smeared with what appears to be ketchup and adorned with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

Even when visitors do not try to deface the star, they sometimes use it to express their feelings toward the Republican nominee, like a young man who posed with both middle fingers extended above the star in this Instagram photo.

The spot near the Dolby Theater and the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio is absurdly crowded during the day, but in the pre-dawn hours, it was largely deserted as Otis went to work. Trump received the star in 2007 for his work firing people on The Apprentice, and based on new revelations about how his mind works, it may well have been his proudest moment on Earth.

This one’s gotta hurt.

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