San Juan Mountains Weather Report ~ Sunday, November 20, 2016 @ 09:00


Early morning clouds are presently moving into the San Juans on southwest flow from a nice sized low pressure trough off the coast of southern California. Arrival of warm air, moderate to strong winds above TL and deeper moisture tonight (light showers) is anticipated.


Because of warm air temps snow will fall above 9,000′ tonight and early Monday then drop later during the day to lower elevations near 6,000′. The southwest San Juan should see local heavy rain and snow showers with 8-14″ of snow or more and the north side receiving less as the storm rolls through.

The three models I follow are in close agreement with storm dynamics (temperature, moisture and winds) that could bring copious amounts of snow (possibility of up to 24″) to the favored southwest San Juan mountains through early Wednesday morning. Check out the stream of subtropical moisture being drawn into the desert southwest from Baja … Lower elevations will see more rain/sleet/wet snow in the early stages because of warmer storm temperatures compared to the previous storm. We are in a progressive storm period that started a few days ago and should stay with us through the upcoming weekend and into early next week with Red Mountain Pass & north receiving most of the moisture.


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