San Juan Mountains Weather Forecast ~ Thursday, December 1 @ 10:10


There is a short wave trough moving southeast from Idaho today that will mainly affect the northern and central Colorado mountains with light snow. By Friday morning the San Juans  could see very light snow flurries because of weak dynamics and little moisture in the system. Also this short wave dives south and east which favors Wolf Creek and not the other portions of our mountains.  This is definitely not a strong system like the last two storm we’ve had.

By early Saturday the San Juans could see between 3-6″ of new snow. The trough sags southeast of us into the Gulf of California and by the weekend dry northwest flow takes over….





Early next week there is change coming with a decent looking Pacific NW trough entering western Colorado early Monday through Tuesday morning. Models are not in agreement but all three I watch show cold temperatures and storms in western Colorado through part of the week and weekend, but how far south they move is the big question. By Sunday I’ll bet several of the models merge in worldview.


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