San Juan Mountains Weather Forecast ~ Saturday, December 10, 2016 @ 10:00

A large plume of  Pacific moisture is being drawn into the California coast from Hawaii with the leading edge entering western Colorado as bang on my typer this morning. A polar jet with strong winds is dropping south and added to the equation that will increase snowfall/precipitation rates. The northern and central Colorado mountains are favored with a potential of several feet of snow. The San Juans will be swept by the southern edge of this storm and the north northwest side of the range could see 8-12″ of new above the trees. Late Saturday night/Sunday morning will be prime time for the SJ’s.


By mid day Sunday this storm will be dying off in our mountains then a brewing storm in the Pacific should move onto land and enter Colorado by mid to late week depending on which model you want to believe. This next disturbance right now looks to favor the central and northern mountains.





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