San Juan Mountains Weather (solstice) Forecast ~ Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 15:00 ~ UPDATED DEC. 22


There is agreement of the three models I’ve been watching for the next storm that has been setting offshore of Baja California the past few days drawing in a lot of equatorial moisture.. A very wet & warm closed low is coming ashore in Southern Cal and by tomorrow morning will move into Arizona and New Mexico then spread into the San Juans … Thursday morning through mid day Friday with increasing cloudiness and good snow production, maybe 8 – 16 inches of snow and possibly more for the south western San Juans.



The extended forecast, the holiday weekend should see a significant storm impacting western Colorado on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I know this sounds lame but until new models are spit out there is a lot of guessing going on… warm air temps causing rain/sleet in the lower elevations and the potential of big snow above TL then when the cold front hits all elevations could see decent accumulations.. Will update tomorrow or Friday with better information.




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