San Juan Mountains Weather Forecast, Sunday, 1/8/17 @ 10:00 ~ Forecast verifying for big storm with rain/sleet in valleys & up to 9500′. 10-20″ probable.. Maps updated this morning 1/9/17 @ 06:30


The Gulf of Alaska closed low we were watching during the past storm is currently moving southwest along the British Columbia coast.  It is drawing a big moisture plume inland from Hawaii causing increased cloudiness to our mountains this morning. As the day moves on the San Juans will see snow showers especially in the high country with a few inches of new snow.



Tonight and tomorrow the jet will be overhead bringing gusty conditions and enhancing snow production. The central and northern mountains will be favored for snow today and tonight but as the moisture deepens tomorrow morning the San Juans should be lined up for periods of heavy snow (10-20″) or more in favored southwest terrain above tree-line.




And the southern mountains also have a range of 25-50 inches, which is mostly for Wolf Creek and Silverton. The wind direction (from the west-southwest) and warmer temperatures favor Wolf Creek and Silverton due to their higher terrain. Telluride should also see OK snow, but they do best with a wind from the west or west-northwest, not from the west-southwest as we’ll see during most of this storm. OpenSnow

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