San Juan Mountains Weather Forecast ~ Tuesday, 1/10/17 @ 09:00 ~ RMP still closed..

Hwy 550 corridor (RMP/Molas/CB) closed for avy mitigation due to heavy snow the past few days, high winds and the Eagle slide path hitting the highway naturally.. sounds ugly.. glad that life is in my rearview mirror.  rōbert


Today a short respite between storms with more snow on the way, a continuation of the Pineapple Express. California and Nevada are drowning in rain/deep wet snow and our San Juan snow pack is 161% of average, not bad for La Niña winter.

By Wednesday another plume of tropical moisture will be pulled onto our doorstep as it has already come onshore in California. Check out today’s infared & water vapor loop below.

Updated @ 15:00



This next wave of energy Wednesday will enter the San Juans on zonal flow (west to east flow) with a slight southwest direction change later in the day. We should see 5-10″ with the chance of more in of course the favored southwest locations above TL.

The next component of the storm on Friday has the potential of more impact for the SJ’s because it looks like a cut-off low that often wobbles around like a failing top and is difficult to forecast but are often big snow producers. By Friday there will be more updated models and radar/WV loops to enjoy… This event could last into the weekend and produce significant snow. Stay tuned.


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