Favorite signs at the Women’s March on Washington


Some were vulgar, others were angry. Most were earnest. These were my favorite signs at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington:



No Country for Dirty Old Men


Resistance is Fertile

Too Worried to be Funny

If Mom’s Not Happy, Nobody’s Happy

I Have a Vagenda

Manchurine Candidate

Orange Is the New Fascism

There Is So Much Wrong It Cannot Fit on This Sign

Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious

Actuaries Against Repeal and Delay

Leave it to the Beavers

Viva la Vulva

(Older woman’s sign:) I Can’t Believe I’m Still Protesting This S—

Edgar Comey

(On image of President Trump as a scarecrow:) If He Only Had a Brain

(On a drawing of ovaries:) Grow a Pair

This P—- Grabs Back

Donald You Ignorant Slut

Melania, Blink Twice if You Need Help

Impeach Trump, Convert Pence


Sorry World, We’ll Fix This

(On needlepoint:) I Made This So I Could Stab Something 35,000 Times

Patriarchy is for D—-

There Will Be Hell Toupée

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