Stephen Colbert annotated Trump’s speech —

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After President Trump’s first big speech to Congress, Stephen Colbert hosted a live broadcast of “The Late Show” — annotating the address and taking digs at the administration.

Colbert aired a clip showing Trump being announced Tuesday night as “the president of the United States!”

“Any chance there’s a mistake and ‘Moonlight’ is the president?” Colbert quipped, crossing his fingers.

He also took a jab at Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, who was back in the news earlier in the day over a photo showing her kneeling on an Oval Office couch. Although Conway has been a favorite mark among late-night comics, Colbert did not reference any specific incident. But he showed a clip from Trump’s address in which the president said he had placed a hiring freeze on “nonmilitary and nonessential federal workers.”

“Nonessential federal workers,” Colbert repeated. “So Kellyanne Conway is out? … You will be missed.”

[President Trump’s surprisingly presidential speech to the nation, annotated]

Colbert began his routine referencing Trump’s well-known motto.

“The theme of the speech was ‘renewal of the American spirit,’ which, I’ve got to say, really just sounds like a Chinese bootleg of ‘Make America Great Again,’” Colbert said. “And to begin the evening, Trump spoke in uplifting terms.”

Then he took on Trump, point by point. Here are some highlights.

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