“MACHO ACRES” Invaded by Boulder SWAT team … fake news???


Boulder SWAT team assaulting Macho Acres


Byline by rōbert report raving..err..roving corrosopondent Don Mateo

An early morning assault of Boulder county forces has retaken the compound known as” Sibley’s Macho Acres” .

The Marshall Road property has for years been in violation of Boulder county ordinances and zoning codes. There have been both rumors and reports of disguised water theft, illegally fired ordinance, stockpiling of unregistered vehicles, small dwellings inhabited by questionable members of the ” outdoor community ” and a full production “shop” that fabricates everything from counterfeit art to pirated mountaineering-alpine equipment; this in clear violation of property and patent law.

Agents entered the southern, slope side bunker headquarters from the highway accessible front entrance. They found inside, a display case, filled with curious objects of eclectic funk and great antiquity. In addition, there were countless drawers and boxes stuffed with past traffic tickets and unanswered court summons. Sibley and other residents appear to have vanished, leaving nothing but the curtains of the back bedroom, blowing in the cold March breeze.


Rōbert ‘reporter at large’ Don Mateo (right) shown with suspect Paul Sibley in another time and place.

Photo by rōbert

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