musings of a HST book with an old friend up north

enjoying some Watergate/Nixon parallels & stories with our present ugly politic

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I borrowed this book in Colorado Springs one autumn while working a ‘Hoods in the Woods’ program for adjudicated youth with Outward Bound.  My staff partner Wally Berg was reading the same trash and the boss at the time seemed thoroughly uncomfortable with us …  maybe because we slept under the office desk and couch each evening after holding down bar stools at an old, dim alcoholic bar down the street on Tejon rather than renting appropriate housing we couldn’t afford.  I wondered out loud to Wally why Rich seemed so uncomfortable with us and his reply this morning, 36 years later:  “With time passing I can still see that pained, uncomfortable expression on his face. I think he was fascinated by us, and repulsed or scared of the association at the same time.”



~ Conversations with Wally the past few days ~


Remember that old loser bar (our favorite) up north a block or so from Uncle OB’s office so many years ago… what was that Tejon & Platte Av…?  Bakes Lounge or something like that, maybe The Crow Bar? I can’t remember… just knew it was crawling distance from home with Acacia park between us and the bar that took some navigation skills with all the street creatures and drunks/drug addicts hanging round… i think after i left, you upgraded to Jose Muldoon… boy some long ago memories..

2 days later…  Jinx’s Bar!  How did I come up with that name after 35 years?


I eventually switched to Jose Muldoon’s (Really never like that place – expensive, weird food) I went there mainly because I thought that is where the girls who worked at El Paso County Department of Social Services preferred to meet for happy hour. In hindsight, I think they were disappointed not to be asked go to our bars. I can’t remember the names. I remember Jinx’s was on the corner of Platte and Tejon. They never took their Christmas decorations down.

I remember that raspy cigarette voice of Jinx.  The place never seemed that hard core or intimidating – but it was very much an insider’s club.

I also remember how bright the sunlight would be when you walked out the door, it was a daytime bar


Anyway here’s an old photo of the building where Jinx’s was located.  Street level on the corner of the building with a story I found today …


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.58.09 AM.png


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