Stephen Colbert Was ‘Like an Alien’ Before He Was Famous, Louis C.K. Says


Louis C.K. kept up his habit of keeping it entirely real with late-show hosts. CreditCBS

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A Portrait of the Host as a Quirky Kid

Louis C. K. scolded Jimmy Fallon last week for a pretty “dumb thing” he said on “The Tonight Show.” (Mr. Fallon seemed to be saying, over and over, that napping wasn’t a form of sleeping.) This week Louis C. K. aimed his playful scorn at Stephen Colbert. He said the “Late Show” host was just a weird, nerdy kid when the two worked together on “The Dana Carvey Show” years ago.

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LOUIS C. K.: Now you’re Stephen Colbert. You’re king of the late night now. You’re a big shot. That’s right, you’re No. 1. You’re the top of the charts. But at the time, you were just this very weird-looking dude, and you had this — you were like, ‘Hi!’ Like you were ——

COLBERT: I was socialized, is what you mean.

LOUIS C. K.: No, you were like an alien who studied human behavior, and got close but didn’t quite get there.

COLBERT: You’re describing a sociopath. Like I could murder you and my heart rate wouldn’t go up.

LOUIS C. K.: No, no, I think you’re the next version of human.

Louis C. K. told the audience what it was like casting both Steve Carell and Mr. Colbert on the “Carvey” show.

LOUIS C. K.: We talked about ‘the Steves.’ That’s what we talked about. And you were a funny pair; you were a weird, funny pair. He looked like every man, and you looked like no people.

COLBERT: I’m trying hard to make this feel like a compliment!

LOUIS C. K.: No, it really is! It is.

COLBERT: I look like no one?

LOUIS C. K.: You’re a remarkable person. You’re just unusual.

COLBERT: Well, we have a clip here ——

LOUIS C. K.: A freak. Yeah, go ahead. That was mean on purpose

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