Chief Ouray Highway tour with Peter Lev

A splendid day touring the Hwy. 550 corridor from Ouray to Silverton with Peter Lev and talking about all those beautiful avalanche paths I enjoyed years ago.  Stopped in Chattanooga of course to visit the Tim Lane/Jerry Roberts cabins (employee housing) from the San Juan Project days.  They held the elected positions of dogcatcher and mayordomo of the settlement, population four and one dog.


Peter Lev & Django on the step of Señor Lane’s hut with a quote:  ” I’ve finally made it to where I’m supposed to be.”  rōbert photo


And into Silverton to wander the streets and visit the bars that the Chattanooga delegation frequented for many years.  Peter is practicing his decision making skills in the Pickle Barrel at the very table where don Tim last sat just prior to being thrown out for unacceptable personal behavior during his last ‘Roving Chile ambassador’ visit in 2004.

photo credit rōbert


J & his cabin.jpg

Former mayordomo de Chattanooga, rōbert & Django at his old hut.

Peter Lev photo

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