Sean Spicer’s 6 months in the White House, as told by Stephen Colbert

It was a pair of comedians, not the press, that hung around the neck of White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who unexpectedly announced his resignation Friday.

Melissa McCarthy’s occasional impersonation of “Spicey” on “Saturday Night Live” became an instant classic, helping draw the most viewers the show has had since the Clinton administration.

But it was Stephen Colbert who was slinging jokes and routines aimed at Spicer’s infamously short fuse and bluster on what seemed like nearly every episode of the Late Night Show on CBS.

Spicer’s tenure as press secretary was historically short — a unique case considering it did not end because of a Watergate scandal, the end of a presidential term or an assassination attempt, which prematurely ended the careers of some of his predecessors. If Spicer was a late-night comedy junkie, Colbert’s jokes might have made it feel like the career of Stephen T. Early — who served as President Franklin Roosevelt’s press secretary for a record 4,403 days.

For his part, Spicer has been an occasional good sport. On Friday he told Fox News host Sean Hannity about his SNL portrayal: “I think that there were parts of it that were funny, but there’s a lot of it that was over the line. It wasn’t funny. It was stupid, or silly, or malicious.”

Here are some of the most defining moments that Spicer came under Colbert’s fire during the past six months as President Trump’s press secretary.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.50.28 PM.png

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