“I Know You” a Timoteo Portillo memoir


IMG_4591Along with a fine bottle of pisco Tim sent from Chile, attached to the box was a feliz cumpleaños note & as I looked closer, a Don Tim story.


I Know You

Into two years of retirement, after thirteen seasons as Portillo’s Avalanche Rescue Dog, it was time to take Golden Retreiver “Reggie” (Mark Rawstoned his handler/companion & a former avalanchista in Portillo) back to Hotel Portillo for a visit to his old job site.

As Reggie, Colin and I neared the entrance to the Hotel a lovely, tall blond came chasing after her Spaniel puppy.


Her appearance and demeanor was everyone’s “Dream Girl”. We were just feet away when she turned to us and exclaimed, ” I know you!”  Colin and I looked at each other bewildered.  She bent down and gave Reggie a big hug.

It wasn’t till later we realized that our Dream Girl was no other than Lindsey Vonn, one of skiing’s all time record holders.  Damn!  Some dogs have all the luck.



Reggie makes the Cover of Sports Illustrated ~ Portillo Chile.

ReggieCDOT control work.jpg

Reggie in his youth on Red Mountain Pass learning the ropes with rōbert


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