New Delhi Chief Minister Calls India’s Smog-Choked Capital A ‘Gas Chamber’

This headline and story was a science-fiction story The Sheep Look Up 30 years ago!




Cattle stand by the side of a road as a truck drives through smog in Greater Noida, near New Delhi, on Wednesday.

R S Iyer/AP

A toxic smog that is blanketing the Indian capital, forcing some of its schools to close and bringing traffic to a halt, has doctors in the city urging the government to declare a public emergency and order the population to leave.

The enveloping brown cloud is being blamed on farmers in the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab, who NDTV says are “burning crop residue, an annual tradition to clear fields that combines with vehicle and industrial emissions, as well as road and construction dust.”

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who called his city a “gas chamber,” was seeking meetings with the adjacent states to clear up the issue — and the air.


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