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Tea bowl by Ogawa Takeo, with calligrapy by Shimizu Kosho of the famous Iroha poem, in which each Hiragana syllable appears exactly once.

いろはにほへと       (i ro ha…)

Bright indeed the flowers may be,
but surely not for long.
In this life, who indeed, will not
someday be gone?
Passing beyond the furthest peak in
the province of shifting streams.
No longer will I drunken speak;
nor gaze at shallow dreams.
Transl. Shinzen Young

Ogawa Takeo was born in 1924 in Kyoto. Member of the Kyoto Potters’ Club from 1949 until 1975. During those years his art has been shown in many exhibitions and he received several awards: 1952 Nitten, Japanese Art Academy exhibition, winner of the first price in the crafts section, 1954 Kyoto Potters’ Club exhibtion, receives the prefectural award, 1955 Kyoto Potters’ Club exhibition, receives the mayor’s award, 1956 Kyoten exhibition, receives the mayor’s award, 1957 Kyoto Potters’ Club exhibition, receives the Club award, 1958 Japanese-Soviet exhibition and purchase by the Ermitage Museum Leningrad, 1968 Kyoten exhibition.

Original box (tomobako), signed by both Shimizu Kosho and Ogawa Takeo.

Shimizu Kosho (1911-1999)
Ogawa Takeo (1924-)
Kyoto ware
Height 9 cm (3 1/2 in.)
Diam. 11.7 cm (4 1/2 in.)

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