San Juan Mountains Weather Forecast ~ Friday, December 1, 2017 @ 11:05




The full court press autumn blocking pattern (high) that has dominated our weather for such a long time continues to cover the west & drives potential Pacific storms to our north. I’ve seen this happen so many times especially in la Niña fall/winters so it’s no surprise, just hope for an occasional outlier storm and accept the dry and warm.

The Gulf of Alaska storm from last week was a victim of this high… and now what looked like a decent storm for the San Juan Mountains will be spitting a few inches of snow on the Central and Northern ranges with maybe a flake or two for the North SJ’s late Sunday/early Monday.

And the future doesn’t look so good either. The models I follow aren’t encouraging for precipitation events for the next ten days at least, but we all know how fast that can change. Looks like cooler weather through the first week of December and then a little warming. Things just look dry as a bone through mid month.

Ten Day Forecast GFS vorticity map.



Watch the blocking pattern (high) develop over the west coast and dominate through the 11th of Dec. pushing all potential storm north and then dropping into the eastern U.S. 

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