Driving The Beat Road

The Rōbert [Cholo] Report (pron: Rō'bear Re'por)

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Accompanied by a jazz combo, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti gives a reading in 1957 at the Cellar in San Francisco.(Photo by Nat Farbman/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)


June 30, 2017

If they’re starving, the best minds of this generation can order $19.50 lobster rolls at the former site of the Six Gallery in San Francisco. Today, it houses Tacko, where customers can pacify themselves by listening to Phil Collins or gazing at a wall map of Nantucket. Old framed copies of Yachting Magazine hang from the new walls.

Slightly more than 60 years ago, the debut public reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” consecrated this Marina District landmark. Now, you’ll find a bronze commemorative in front of the nautical-themed restaurant that serves New England-meets-“Mexican-street-style” fusion to baying tech bros and yoga mom Yelpers.

In previous incarnations, it was an…

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