Kind of Blue ~ Miles Davis

The Rōbert [Cholo] Report (pron: Rō'bear Re'por)

Home alone the other night … so I mixed up some Pisco sours & put on Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’.. I forget each time I listen how much i love this album … Damn I can’t think of a better piece of music.  Saw Miles at the Blackhawk in S.F. a long time ago (jesus, more than 50 years ago … ). In my mind, I remember it like it was … at least last week. 


220px-MilesDavisKindofBlue.jpgKind of Blue is regarded by many critics as jazz’s greatest record, Davis’s masterpiece, and one of the best albums of all time. Its influence on music, including jazz, rock, and classical genres, has led writers to also deem it one of the most influential albums ever recorded. The album was one of fifty recordings chosen in 2002 by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry

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2 thoughts on “Kind of Blue ~ Miles Davis

  1. The first Christmas I was dating my wife she gave this album to me. On vinyl! Knew then that she got me. Asked her to marry me on the spot…

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