Angela Hawse – The Heart of a Guide


I met Angela in the late 80’s skiing on RMP then saw her later down the road when she was on a Prescott College Avalanche Forecasting/Snow Science Course I was working on Red Mountain. I’m positive she had been in Vegas climbing and ended up at the Circus Circus one night running head–on with a life changing quote above the casino Exit as she walked out, “MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN”. I think she took it to heart because she was cool and a great student … Showed up, was present, took showers which Prescotteers are not know for and asked all the right questions … I asked her to join me for the next January, Prescott Avy program to help with the new hatching of Prescotteers as a student assistant/intern..

She did and fulfilled all of the position requirements with great style … She would show up early, because if your not early, your late! But more importantly she covered for my mistakes & questionable behavior which was a big part of the job description … she was a great personal handler & generally made me look good.

Anyway, this is about Angela not me. I didn’t see her for a decade or so after that program then one day I was walking down the street & there she was standing in front of me with her big smile – she had moved to Ridgway. So now I see her occasionally when she’s not off to Asia or Antarctica or some of the other places she guides her many happy clients.

Day 5 Angela Hawse_Gonsales Videla (2) Shelly Mercer copy

Angela has become a very skilled and well known guide. Was named AMGA Guide of the Year in 2011 and is currently Vice President of the Association. She also guides and prepares weather forecasts for Telluride HeliTrax. I could go on but the important thing … she and MonkE are local celebrities and a great addition to the community. Think I’ll go find her and get an autograph…

Check out the podcast below. It’s a nice slice of who she is and some of what she does. It’s very cool.



Legendary climber, Angela Hawse was asked to be the Deputy Leader of the first Adaptive Climb of Everest in 1998 by Tom Whittaker. She willfully accepted the position and played a key role in the success of Tom’s journey to the summit. She overcame her own personal challenges by way of a summit bid, just 275 ft short of Everest proper, and despite her drive to reach the top, was told by Tom that he would choose a videographer as his second summit bid partner over her. Tom and the videographer succeeded, and Angela, although disappointed, was able to embody her ethos that the journey is more fulfilling than the destination.





Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 1.31.35 PM


photo 1 copy

Angela & MonkE going out for dinner.

all photos Angela Hawse collection

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