Kiitella Medals: 2018 Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships @ Sun Valley


USAC_Super-G Womens Jr & Overall_Nils Ribi_sm
Super G Womens Jr & Overall winners: Nina O’Brien, A J Hurt & Nellie Rose Talbot. Photo © Nils Ribi
Super G Men’s Overall winners: Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Jack Gower & River Radamus. Photo © Nils Ribi

At the 2018 Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships, hosted by Sun Valley March 19-26, podium finishers were awarded some very impressive Idaho spuds – PLUS medals custom designed and fabricated by metal artist Lisa Issenberg, of Kiitellä (Finnish v. meaning to thank, applaud or praise). These “gold, silver & bronze” medals consist of jetcut satin-polished brass, steel and bronze. Kiitellä’s process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same.

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