splendid piñons

A pisco offering to the local Apu honoring the sadness at axing those splendid piñons that have been my friends for so many years at Rancho Desperado providing shelter from the storms and much solace for my cloistered world. A little paranoia with a big drought in progress, not that it’s the first to punish the area but with age one thinks about luck running out so I had to sacrifice a few that dwarfed my casita, several almost 600 years old and 50′ tall! So many hot summers, cold winters and droughts they’ve lived through ..

IMG_2410 2.jpg

One thought on “splendid piñons

  1. I remember tearing up the lot next door with Bob Morse.and buying my own chainsaw so I wouldn’t have to borrow yours; I still have that saw, runs like a champ.

    Drove through a beautiful section of wild Florida yesterday and saw many trees both cut and planted.

    That’s a great hillside you live on, plus or minus a few trees.

    best to all–

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