New photos on old film

A year ago an acquaintance of mine, who is a photographer,  made the decision he was going to abandon film photography.   I was invited over and he gave me stacks of boxes of photographic paper and a box of expired TMax 100 4×5 sheet film.
The film expired in 1997.   I promptly put it in my freezer with my other stash of film and forgot it.   A few days ago I decided to test it.   I loaded 5 film holders (10 sheets)  and the day after Memorial Day drove up to Idaho Springs, where I turned off on the Mount Evans road.  Traffic was light, it was cloudy, with sun and shadow.  About eight miles up there is a pullout at a picnic area know as  ‘Chicago forks’.   A tributary creek drew my attention and I got out, set up my camera and made 10 exposures. The film was fine.
Stephen Collector

Stephen Collector was an old friend of Gaylord Guenin — the longtime voice of Woody Creek and the co-author of a definitive book on Aspen history.

Guenin was a longtime writer and editor who happily retreated to Woody Creek and Lenado after he lost his comfort zone in Aspen.

Guenin was an instrumental character in the Mountain Gazette magazine in the 1970s and later wrote the “Letter From Woody Creek” column for The Aspen Times, writing from the perspective of “Woody Creatures.”

He also was a bartender and manager of the Woody Creek Tavern when it was the frequent haunt of Hunter S. Thompson.

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