Randy Gregory stars at the Highland Games 50 years ago!

Arisaig Games – 50 years ago

Until 1987, the Arisaig Highland Games had been staged within the village at Mains Park – also known as Arisaig Playing Field. It is hard to believe that 27 years have passed since the venue changed.

Until 1987, the Arisaig Highland Games had been staged within the village at Mains Park – also known as Arisaig Playing Field. However, the lack of parking, lack of space for stalls and poor drainage were major concerns for the Games Committee of the time and with the kind permission and enthusiastic support of the Shaw Stewart family, the venue switched to our current home at Traigh.

Although this move secured the future of the Games, many people have fond memories of the Games being held at Mains Park – which is why we were very intrigued by an email received from Randy Gregory in Colorado asking if we would be interested in a poster and some footage from the 1964 Arisaig Games.

Randy explained that his family had been on a 6 month touring holiday in Europe and just happened to arrive in Arisaig the day before the 1964 Games. They decided to stay over and attend the next day. They recorded some of the day on a cine camera and kept a poster used to advertise the event as mementoes from their trip to the West Highlands.

We are very grateful to Randy for sharing these with us and it provides a valuable glimpse back in time to the event held exactly half a century ago – in a quirk of fate, the 1964 Games were also held on the 30th July, although in 1964 they were held on a Thursday rather than the now traditional Wednesday.

Arisaig Games Poster 1964

The 7 minute video is available below or can be viewed on YouTube via the following link (there is no audio on the film):


Arisaig Highland Games 1964

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.31.46 PM.png

Randy Gregory 16, dancing far left.

~~~  WATCH  ~~~

Identifying those in the video

In an effort to identify some of the faces in the video, a committee member has shown the film to several people with connections to Arisaig Games from that era, or people who have a knowledge of the likely competitors of that year. Our thanks to those who were able to identify pipers, dancers, games organisers and of course spectators.


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