a revisit to Chattanooga and Silverton

Recounting old (late 70’s early 80’s) stories from the past in Chattanooga and Silverton today with my sis who was visiting.  Some wild & questionable tales but mostly about living in the two old cabins with Tim Lane, Weezie Chandler and Barb Wheeler while doing field research for the San Juan Avalanche Project that began in the early 70’s…  

Continued into Silverton telling about Jack and Peggy Stern who bought Chattanooga in the late 80’s…  We wandered around town and were walking up to one of Jack’s murals on the side of the old pharmacy and I said, “Looks like Jack and Peggy touching up the fading art work of Porphyry Basin.”  Been nearly 30 years. Syncronicity …  


Chattanooga townsite on south side of Red Mt. Pass.  Jack & Peggy’s shelter from the storm during their autumn visits from N. Carolina.


Jack’s old Ford.  Wonder if it’ll start?


Inside of Jack’s painting studio and Tim/Weezie cabin in the old days.


Lisa on Tim/Weezie’s porch


The Pickel Barrel, scene of numerous crimes.


Jack & Peggy Stern with rōbert


Peggy working her magic.


Looking for a Hunter Thompson type for the movie filmed in Silverton …

2 thoughts on “a revisit to Chattanooga and Silverton

  1. just spent 4 days wandering around the San Juan with Barb… lives in Moab and rides her bike all over the world… Weezie in Billings, Montana I think.. Lane in Chile. I’m still in the San Juan… hope all is well. j

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