Dick Dorworth celebrates 80 years of adventuring & a well-examined life with family and friends last week ~ Salud compay!



October 20th

Author, skier, alpinist & all around great guy, Dick Dorworth celebrated his 80th birthday gathered with family and friends in Bozeman, Montana.

Jeannie Wall organized the event held at the historic Story Mansion in residential Bozeman.

Dick’s birthday gave cause for the meeting of four of his five sons, some of their wives, a few grandchildren, as well as his brother Louie and his wife.

Best wishes were extended and stories told throughout the evening. Dick expressed gratefulness for the long years of friendship and association with those present.


Dick and his tribe.
L – R  Dick, Jason, Richard, Jeff, Scott.  Youngest, the missing 5th, Ernie is not present. photo credit, Scott Markewitz

Combined family: Dick with Jeannie beside him on his right shoulder, sons, some wives with children-grandchildren and Dick’s brother Louie with his wife on the far right. photo credit, Scott Markewitz

As noted –  the Dorworth family gathering was organized and orchestrated by
the dynamic Jeannie Wall, Dick’s companion/partner/significant other .. well, his only reason for living.
Chuck Ferries and Dick, photo by Matt Wells Esq.
Don Bachman and his wife Cathy socializing with Dick.  Matt Wells photo
Jack Tackle, Jeannie Wall & Dick.  Photo credit, Pat Tackle