Getting Out The Youth Vote With A Dash Of Snark ~ “CALL THE COPS VIDEOS” ~ NPR

The Rōbert [Cholo] Report (pron: Rō'bear Re'por)

October 24, 20185:43 AM ET


As midterm elections approach, politicians and activists are urging people to get out and vote, especially in places where races are close. One of the demographics they’re most worried about getting to the polls are young voters, who are often seen as uninvolved and/or apathetic.

That’s why the “Knock the Vote” project was created earlier this year by ACRONYM, a DC-based organization that uses social media and targeted digital media programs to push for progressive candidates.

“We try to reach people where they are,” says ACRONYM’S co-founder and CEO Tara McGowan. Where they are, increasingly, are on their cellphones or tablets, so ACRONYM’S videos are designed to be brief online bites that make you think.

Flipping the (racial) script

The company’s current campaign runs through election day and features quick (30 seconds or so) videos that aim to grab…

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