snow dance/roll

Washington, D.C., got its first snowfall of the season this week. And at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, at least one animal was really, really excited about it.

It’s Friday, and we could probably all use this video of a young giant panda named Bei Bei just having the best time.

The three-year-old male somersaults down a snow-covered hill. He climbs trees and dangles from branches. He luxuriates on a snow-dusted bed of bamboo.


This all appeared very fast-moving for a species known for its long naps and slow, deliberate meals.

All in all, looks like Bei Bei had a ball. That’s no coincidence. According to the zoo, “giant pandas prefer colder temperatures and are usually more active during the winter months.”

The zoo explains that their fur is thick and waterproof, so it “insulates them from the cold and wet snow.”

Sounds like a snowy day might be a good time to visit the pandas, or at least watch their live camera. History would show that that’s true. Here’s Bei Bei’s father, Tian Tian, really enjoying himself during a storm in 2016:


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