Oval Office Drama with Chuck & Nancy and what’s his name

President Trump’s Oval Office meeting on Tuesday with Senator Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House leader, quickly devolved into a public bickering match. The big sticking point was Trump’s insistence on funding for a border wall — and because the president had insisted on bringing news cameras into the meeting, the tense negotiations became public theater.

The late-night hosts all covered the altercation, saying Trump came off as impulsive. Jimmy Kimmel remixed footage from the meeting, turning it into an imaginary clip from “The Real White House Wives of D.C.”

CreditCreditVideo by Jimmy Kimmel Live

“Trump is threatening to shut the government down unless Congress fully funds the border wall. Trump said he would be, quote, ‘proud to shut the government down for border security.’ He’s basically a toddler threatening to keep screaming on the floor of Toys ‘R’ Us until Congress buys him a Hatchimal.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“It looks like Trump’s border wall is right on track to still never be built. Trump says if he doesn’t receive funding for his border wall, he will ask the military. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll have no choice but to ask Santa Claus.” — JAMES CORDENA

CreditCreditVideo by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert pointed out that Pelosi pulled no punches in a meeting with House Democrats after her Oval Office visit, saying the border wall was “like a manhood thing” for Trump.

“So the wall is a metaphor for his manhood? No wonder he’s having trouble erecting it.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“That’s pretty cold from Nancy Pelosi, you know? It’s like she always says: When they go low, we punch ’em in the junk!” — STEPHEN COLBERT

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