Write your Senators ~ Do It Today!

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You might remember that in December, Congress came really close to passing a historic public lands package. This package included a slew of positive public lands bills we’ve been working on for years and also would have reauthorized the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a crucial conservation program that expired last September. Sadly, the package didn’t pass but lawmakers promised to bring it back in January, and….
The Senate is currently trying to fast-track the public lands package and plans to consider it on the floor this week!
We’re psyched, but this bill definitely needs your help. The package is getting traction, but it’s important for members of Congress to hear that their constituents are behind them. A quick note to your Senators this week will be extremely helpful, and will ensure they prioritize and act on this legislation.
We’ve made it super easy with a draft letter you can send to your lawmakers. It takes just a minute or two to send, and we’ve heard from offices that this will be important this week.
Thanks so much,
Outdoor Alliance
P.S. If you want to learn more about the package and background, check out the blog post right here.


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