‘Menopause lasts longer than that’: Manafort’s ‘shockingly lenient’ sentence ridiculed

Thursday’s news also did not sit well with late-night comics, who jumped at the chance to ridicule Manafort.

On CBS, Stephen Colbert ripped the sentence, calling it “shockingly lenient.”

“Manafort’s lawyers tried everything to get their client a reduced sentence, except representing an innocent man,” Colbert said, describing the disgraced consultant as a “man with resting indicted face.”

The host noted that though lawyers argued the sentencing guidelines were unfair for a first-time offender, prosecutors pointed out that for a decade, Manafort had “repeatedly and brazenly violated the law.”

“He wasn’t so much a first-time offender as a first-time gettin’-caughter,” Colbert cracked.

But Thursday wasn’t the end of Manafort’s legal troubles, Colbert gleefully informed his audience. Manafort will face a federal judge in D.C. next week for a second sentencing — this time for related conspiracy charges. He could receive an additional 10 years, The Washington Post reported.

“You know you’re in trouble when the only time you get out of jail is to go get sentenced to more jail,” Colbert said.

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