Kiitella Medals: 2019 Freestyle National Championships


Photo credit: Jonathan Klutsch
Photo credit: Jonathan Klutsch
Photo: courtesy of Jaelin Kauf – Gold medal!

At the 2019 US Freestyle Championships-Moguls, hosted by Waterville Valley March 16-17, winners were awarded medals custom designed and fabricated by metal artist Lisa Issenberg, of Kiitellä. The “gold, silver & bronze” medals consist of laser-cut satin-polished brass, steel and bronze. Kiitellä’s process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same.


For Issenberg (back row, 3rd from left… the 80s!), creating the medals for Waterville Valley is especially meaningful, as she grew up skiing on the WVBBTS Freestyle team with coaches Nick & Susie Preston and “Maddog” Mazur.

Congratulations to the extraordinary mogul competitors and podium finishers!

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