CU Cheerleader Squad To Host Tryouts In Coming Weeks



Phi Delta Theta Social Director & Assistant Spiritual Leader, Timothy Lane directing at a recent Rio Blanco social event. 

BOULDER – Tryouts for the University of Colorado Spirit Squad will take place in the coming weeks for the CU Cheer Team, Dance Teams and Handlers for Ralphie, (team mascot) the Buffalo.

Directed by CU Spirit Coordinator Tim Lane, the CU Spirit Squad consists of a co-ed cheer team, an all-girl cheer team, the dance team and handlers for Ralphie the Buffalo. All teams represent the University of Colorado on the sidelines of football and basketball, volleyball matches and all social events at the campo in Rio Blanco.


Tim Lane with a new BUFF hoodie for the upcoming cheering season.


Tim Lane (left center) veteran of CU cheerleading ‘Spirit’ squad & personal handler for team mascot ‘Ralphie’. young-ralphie.jpg


Tim Lane (left) with another ‘Spirit’ member.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.02.11 AM.png

Phi Delta Theta house where Mr. Lane was at one time the Social Director and more recently (early 80’s ~ that’s 19) crashed on a couch until his brothers threw him out while auditing ‘The Beat Poets’ at Naropa Institute.

photo and text credit: RoberRepor-email-sig2.png


The tradition began in 1934, three weeks after the selection of Buffaloes as a nickname for the University in a contest by the school newspaper, the Silver & Gold. Live bison continued to make sporadic appearances at CU games.

Ralphie I (1966–1978) was donated to the school in 1966 by John Lowery, the father of a CU freshman from Lubbock, Texas, when she was six months old. Initially, she was given the name “Ralph,” because of the noise she made while running. After a sharp-eyed sister of Colorado’s Delta Delta Delta pointed out that the bison was a female, however, the name was changed to Ralphie.[10]

The tradition of running Ralphie around in a loop on the field started October 28, 1967 during CU’s homecoming game.

Ralphie attended all football home games and bowl games until her retirement in 1978, a 13-year career. Her final game was on November 4, 1978 against Oklahoma, CU lost 28-7. She achieved national celebrity status and was voted homecoming queen in 1971.


After 12 seasons, Ralphie V retires at age 13



A more current photo of Señor Lane outside his meditation hut high in the Andes. He still leads

cheers from the Rio Blanco Avalanche Center.

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