Voting integrity in our democracy in jeopardy

Mitch McConnell is putting the integrity and security of our democracy in jeopardy.

We now know that Russia targeted election systems in ALL 50 states in 2016 [1] — and that without serious improvements to our election security measures, we can expect an even more sophisticated, far-reaching attack in 2020.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to take action. He has blocked bipartisan, commonsense reform at every turn — and now, he’s stonewalling crucial funding that would help states protect their election infrastructure.

Republicans and Democrats alike are calling on YOUR senators to push past McConnell’s blockade. Will you call them at 1-833-413-5906 to join this outcry?

Here’s an idea of what to say: My name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [TOWN]. The Senate must make sure our elections are protected from hackers, foreign or domestic — and approve election security funding for states and municipalities.

Securing our elections from foreign attacks is NOT a partisan issue. Senators from both sides of the aisle should be able to agree that the American voters — not Russian hackers — should decide who wins our elections.

Because if we can’t trust that our elections are secure and their results are accurate, then we don’t have a representative democracy anymore. That’s why a conservative-led group is now turning up the pressure on the Senate [2] — and why we need you to call your senators today.

Your senators need to take a stand — and make sure states have the funding they need to secure our elections. Call them at 1-833-413-5906 NOW.

Providing ample funding for paper ballots, new and secure voting machines, and post-election audits could make all the difference in 2020. Please urge your senators to do the right thing — and make sure our elections are safe and accurate.

Thanks for all you do,

Karen Hobert Flynn, President
and the team at Common Cause


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