The Irish regard Pence as Trump’s untrained lapdog ~ CNN

Pence’s disastrous trip abroad sparks wit in response


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Vice President Mike Pence brought the ignorant panache of the Trump administration with him on his recent trip abroad and his hosts got pretty much what they expected. In London, he jumped into the domestic crisis over Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, something roughly half the country opposes. In Iceland, where he was trolled by locals flying gay pride flags, he shocked people with the size and weaponry of his huge security operation. And in Ireland, well, he behaved like a boor.

If you study Ireland’s politics, read its great writers or visit the Emerald Isle, you soon learn that these folks use language in a way that puts the rest of the English speaking world to shame, and there’s nothing they detest more than a phony. So it was that an Irish Times columnist assessed the visit of America’s vice president with an article titled, “How Mike Pence shat on the new carpet in Ireland’s spare room.”
The grandson of an immigrants from County Clare and County Sligo, Pence loves St. Patrick’s Day and shamrocks but doesn’t seem to identify with the immigrant yearnings that align the Irish with the Latin Americans struggling to become Americans today. Pence’s own grandfather fled poverty and violence to find sanctuary here, but Pence supports the viciously anti-immigrant policies of the administration he serves.
In Ireland this week, Pence insulted his hosts by fleeing Dublin for a village 180 miles to the west where he and his big entourage spent untold federal dollars on luxury rooms at one of President Trump’s golf resorts. (House Democrats have already requested the paperwork on Pence’s stay.) Although this stiff-arm treatment of the Irish hospitality industry was appalling, it was Pence’s comments about Brexit that moved Miriam Lord to regard him as Trump’s untrained lapdog: “As Pence read from the autocue and Irish eyes definitely stopped smiling, it was clear he was channeling His Master’s Voice. Trump is a fan of Brexit and of Boris.”




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