Peter Lev ‘highsteppin’ in SLC


Alex Lev photo credit

Peter on his first walk after serious back surgery on Tuesday.  All your friends are keepin the faith and sending our best your way..



An update on my dad, Peter, for those that don’t know he had a laminectomy back surgery. His surgery went well but recovery has been rough with pain management, etc. He will move to a rehab center in the hospital on Monday and will be there for 2-4 wks. If people would like visit him this weekend you can send me a direct message and we’ll work out a time so that he doesn’t get overwhelmed with visitors. Thanks for all the well wishes, he needs them!

Here’s a picture of him from this evening, recording the daily weather before dinner.

— with Peter Lev at University of Utah Hospital.

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3 thoughts on “Peter Lev ‘highsteppin’ in SLC

  1. Hello Ali and Peter …….. Peter’s back must have been pretty sore to let those Dr’s practice on him ……. looks like he is mending well.

  2. good work Peter. I just had my second knee replacement, and am scheduled for my second shoulder replacement. Just like any machine, when our bodies get older, we need to replace worn out parts. Warmest wishes for a good recovery.

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