another weather station photo from the early days


image002.jpgHi Jerry,

Fun to see the Don Bachman photo of the crew putting up the Campbell unit back in the day.  “How many forecaster’s does it take to put up a Campbell unit?”….  seven or eight?       Hey look, this group even had a ladder with them!

Denny (Hogan)


Left to right, standing is:   Sam Parker and Chuck Tolton (field techs for Campbell); Knox Williams and Nick Logan (CAIC); and Tom Sharp, (Telluride Helitrax pilot.) In front:  Mark Mueller, CAIC forecaster and Mark Frankman, Helitrax ski guide.

Photo by Don Bachman. Fall 1993

Site:   Mt Abrams, (East Riverside)

The Crew on RM 3 campbell installation.jpg

same crew of reprobates on Red Mt. #3

Denny Hogan photo credit


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