2 thoughts on “unfriending someone in the 80’s

  1. You fucking crack me up!! Love your posts, they always bring brightness to my day. This is hilarious!! And the hair! Oh do I remember that.

    Just returned from an extended trip to the southern hemisphere. Antarctica was amazing and great weather, good peeps, penguins as adorable as ever. Then I spent 14 days in Bariloche because the IFMGA General Assembly was there so there was no sense coming home. I hadn’t been to Bariloche since 2000! Now I have my retirement plan set 🙂

    Hope to see you and Lisa out at Noel night! Tomorrow is MonkE’s 44th so we will be out celebrating and hope to catch you two. Miss you two. Glad to see some snow in the mountains and in the yard!

    XOXO Angela


    1. hi Angela. feliz cumpleaños para Monkee.. if you haven’t you might want to connect with P. Lev.. Been in SLC hospital for almost 2 months… in close contact with him.. could use some cheering up… salud. j

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