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Jonathan Thompson, a Silverton friend (he might not agree) from the old days is beginning a new adventure, publishing.  He’s experienced and wise … he started The Mountain Journal in Silverton, Colorado at the turn of the century (21st), worked for others as editor of High Country News and has a book publishedRiver of Lost Souls: The Science, Politics, and Greed Behind the Gold King Mine Disaster (Torrey House, 2018). He’s all around cool and so is his family. Please send $ and boxtops to this deserving character, poet and author of the soul..  i’m cashing my next welfare check and joining the $100 club.
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Lost Souls Press is dedicated to printing books that otherwise might end up floating around in publishing Purgatory for eternity. By donating to this campaign you not only will be pre-ordering one or all of our initial three books, but will also be providing seed money to help launch this small, independent press and publish the long list of works in our hopper.


The seed of Lost Souls Press was planted when I set out to find a publisher for my first novel, and second book, Behind the Slickrock Curtain. I’ve published hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, had one non-fiction book published in the traditional manner, and I’m working on a second. The process for fiction, on the other hand, proved to be an agonizing, interminable, ego-crushing process. And even if I did get a contract, it would take longer for the book to be published than it did to write the damned thing. It seemed as if this book — along with all the other novels I had planned — was doomed to languish in the realm of literary lost souls.

But I’m not one to give up so easily. Twenty years ago, my wife Wendy and I tried and failed to buy the Silverton Standard & the Miner newspaper in Silverton, Colorado. Did we surrender? Nope, we just started our own publication. Why couldn’t I do the same, but with books?

And thus, Lost Souls Press sprouted, not only to rescue Behind the Slickrock Curtain from publishing Purgatory, but also the two novels that my father, Ian M. Thompson, wrote before he died two decades ago. Plus, I’ve got a bunch more books to write, myself, including a collection of essays and images, at least two more novels, and even a cookbook. Lost Souls Press will enable me to get these books out into the world of readers, where they belong.

That’s where you come in. Publishing isn’t free. Editing, design, marketing, and the oodles of coffee required to coax the words out of one’s brain and onto the page — it all costs money. I hope to raise enough up-front through pre-orders and donations to cover the basic costs of publishing our first three books:

Behind the Slickrock Curtain: An environmental thriller starring Malcolm Brautigan, Eliza Santos, and Utah’s Canyon Country, by Jonathan P. Thompson, (Summer 2020).

The Wingate Project: A sweeping historical novel based in the Four Corners Country, by Ian M. Thompson, (Fall 2020).

The Feral West: Writings and images from the home place, by Jonathan P. Thompson (February 2021).

The proceeds from the sales of those books will then go toward publishing the other volumes in the hopper, including but certainly not limited to:

Black Snow: A former hobo reminisces about riding the rails, politics, and philosophy, by James O. Aldrich

Better Than Keks Cookbook: Healing recipes for a f#$#ed up world, by Jonathan P. Thompson

Snow Screen: In which chem-trails, murder by avalanche, cloud-seeding, and small-town journalism collide. Starring Malcolm Brautigan, Eliza Santos, and the Woman with the СНЯГ tattoo.

Ortega, a novel by Ian M. Thompson.

Carbon Colonies: The rise and fall of the fossil fuel empires in the Southwest, non-fiction by Jonathan P. Thompson

Sonntag: The incredible true story of a German Jew who spent the War in Auschwitz and the American GI whom he befriended, by Wendy Thompson and Jonathan P. Thompson.

Mine Pool: An Eliza Santos and Malcolm Brautigan novel, by Jonathan P. Thompson

Pinhead Chronicles: A steampunk novel based on the true story of Tesla, Telluride, the electrical grid, and Lucien L. Nunn, by Jonathan P. Thompson


I’m Jonathan P. Thompson, and I’m a writer — and editor, photographer, and artist. I am the author of River of Lost Souls: The Science, Politics, and Greed Behind the Gold King Mine Disaster (Torrey House, 2018), and I’m working on a second non-fiction book for Torrey House about southeastern Utah. I’ve been flinging words for a living since 1996, when I first got a job with the Silverton Standard & the Miner newspaper in Silverton, Colorado. Since then I started my own publication, owned and ran the Silverton Standard, and have worked in a variety of capacities — including editor-in-chief — at High Country News, where I’m currently a contributing editor.


The funds raised will help cover the costs associated with publishing the first three books, including: editing, copyediting, book design, coffee, cover design, software, art acquisition, coffee, ISBN numbers and bar codes, printer setup, printing, marketing, coffee, shipping, and book tour expenses.

This is a flexible funding goal, meaning that no matter how much is raised during the campaign, Lost Souls Press will publish these three books. If we fall short of the goal, it will just take a little more, let’s say, creativity (and coffee, albeit cheap coffee), on Jonathan’s part. If we go over the goal, it will ensure that we can publish more of the books on our list. That means that no matter how much you give, you’ll be doing your part to bring these works into the world. Plus, the perks are awesome! Here’s what you get for forking out the following amounts:



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