John Evans ~ January 9, 2020 ~ A positive Life Force

Included a favorite shot (not my photo) of John and his wife Loie floating Desolation canyon in 1971. It is so much John . . . Powering the Sport Yak through the rough water .  Matt Wells


John Evans 001.jpeg








Jeff Lowe photo

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 4.28.18 PM 2

full moon (this morning) ~

symbol of Buddha nature

in all inherent beings


Jerry and friends,

I had not heard about John passing until Thursday night.
I always think about John this time of year.  A few days ago was the 52nd anniversary of the day that he and Barry Corbet made the first ascent of Mount Tyree in Antarctica.  (This followed the first ascent of Vinson in December ’66).  Few can appreciate what a big deal climbing Tyree in 1967 was.  To this day there have only a handful of ascents.  And then there was the Hummingbird Ridge on Logan!  Everest International Expedition 1971, Nanda Devi and the Pamirs climbing exchange both of which Peter was a part of I think. 
John’s positive attitude, humility stay with me. 
Best to you all.  
Wally Berg

One thought on “John Evans ~ January 9, 2020 ~ A positive Life Force

  1. Amen. John had that rare combination of strength, talent, tenacity, and humor which made it a joy as well as an honor to spend time with him.
    Bill Liske

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