Late Night Covers Super Tuesday on ‘Old Man Wednesday’



Late-night hosts shared Super Tuesday results during what Stephen Colbert called “Old Man Wednesday,” with most monologues focusing on Joe Biden’s 10-state sweep and Jimmy Fallon doing his best Biden and Bernie Sanders impersonations in sendups of their Tuesday night rallies.


[Imitating Joe Biden] Hey, man, no one thought I’d be standing here on Super Thursday in the great state of what do you call it, no one! But check your record player, Jack, because Uncle Joey made it.” — JIMMY FALLON

[As Biden] I got Texas, I got Alabama, I got the whole dang Old Town Road. In fact, I was here when they wrote the damn song!” — JIMMY FALLON

“Super Tuesday was like Easter Sunday for Joe Biden, who staged the biggest comeback since Robert Downey Jr.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Yesterday, Joe Biden won three states he didn’t even visit. That’s true, yeah. That explains Biden’s new campaign slogan: ‘Vote for me or I’ll come talk to you.’” — CONAN O’BRIEN

“Turns out it was a smart move to have him talk to voters as little as possible.” — SETH MEYERS

Credit…CreditVideo by Late Night With Seth Meyers

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