5 thoughts on “Seen at the N.M. democratic pre primary convention in Santa Fe

  1. Hi Betty. I was, but will be in N.M. looking for these pendejo trump buttons.. John had to fire me several times over the years so don’t know if he’d appreciate my appearance ..salud. j~

    1. I just saw this after asking if you were going. Just cancelled my flight and have a year to rebook without penalty.

  2. The word pendejo comes from a Latin root meaning “pubic hair.” In 16th-century Spain, pendejo was apparently first used to describe pubescent teens who thought they were adults—you know, because they had pubes. In the 17th century, pendejo came to mean “coward,” a mocking or taboo reference.

  3. I scored one and some people are envious. There is even talk of purchasing a button making machine. Jerry, I might let it go if you e-mail me your address.

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